Mary Epworth - Dream Life (4 stars)

Mary Epworth - Dream Life

A lavish and eclectic debut album from the folk-rock singer

Where shall we begin? With the banjo twang, Black Sabbath fuzz and Goldfrapping blues-stomp of ‘Black Doe’? With the brass-toting folk-rock euphoria of ‘Long Gone’? With the swirling psych-pop of ‘Come Back to the Bough’?
Or perhaps we should start with an introduction. Mary Epworth is an East Anglian singer-songwriter (and the sister of super-producer Paul). Her lavish sonic cache embraces distorted guitars, celestial brass, Casio beats, tape loops, space and time.
Following a couple of acclaimed 7” singles, Dream Life is Epworth’s debut album and its riches are myriad. Variously recorded in a Norfolk barn and a flat above a Berlin brothel, these songs are life-affirming yet unearthly – as only swooning arias about nature and the skies can be.

Mary Epworth - Black Doe

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