Paul Buchanan - Mid Air (2 stars)

Paul Buchanan - Mid Air

Poor solo effort from the former Blue Nile member

Written as a kind of pop requiem for a late friend, Mid Air is, quite fittingly, something of a musical flatline; a cycle of 14 barely-there doodles for voice and piano with all the punch and urgency of a ghost falling asleep. Virtually nothing remains of Buchanan’s former group The Blue Nile, beyond a few trademark lyrical chestnuts involving starlight, weddings and snow. The remainder is a school-jotter full of sadness, set to backings that sound like a Grade IV player learning ‘Chopsticks’. The listener is invited to admire the tasteful, wracked restraint of it all, but just ends up praying for something as worthwhile as the title track. Eight years in the making, Mid Air makes you experience each moment of it afresh.

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1. geobangkok24 May 2012, 11:51am Report

Why does "barely there doodles" with "no punch and urgency" in anyway shape or form have to be portrayed in such a negative sense? "Eight years in the making" suggests Paul Buchanan walked out of the studio after completing High, bought a "school-jotter" and set about his task. I for one didn't pray for anything after listening to the title track I just sat back in anticipation. Shame you don't get it.

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