Hot Chip - In Our Heads (4 stars)

Hot Chip - In Our Heads

The elctro-pop masters' fifth album is their most smartly accessible effort to date

Every self-appointed creative with a WTF haircut and a MacBook thinks they’re an ‘electronic artist’ these days. But there’s more to it than bedroom-recording cry wank vocals over presets and dropping them to Tuesday night cheek-chewers. Hot Chip’s return will show the wannabes how it’s done. After dalliances with successful side-projects The 2 Bears, About Group, New Build and Joe Goddard’s soulful solo romp ‘Gabriel’, the reunited quintet still sound like they’re having a blast together. The booming horns of ‘Motion Sickness’ kick off a flurry of chirruping synths, classic Prince-worthy funk bass, popping beats and huge choruses – their melodies deliciously sprightly throughout, even during the more introspective moments. In Our Heads – the Londoners’ fifth but first post-major label release for underground pioneers Domino – proving to be Hot Chip’s most smartly accessible effort to date.

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Quirky uber-danceable electronica and poignant electro ballads from the classy 'Over and Over' collective.

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