Can - The Lost Tapes (5 stars)

Can - The Lost Tapes

An essential Can album with unheard versions of familiar tracks and some never-heard-before material

Not lost at all, but just forgotten about in Can’s cluttered studio until archived by the classic German psych-rock explorers’ Irmin Schmidt recently, this three-disc dump of material is unfeasibly good considering it managed to avoid the light of day until almost half a decade ago.

Where to start with the 30 tracks therein? Some might be familiar, including live versions of ‘Spoon’ and ‘Mushroom’ and the teasingly-titled ‘On the Way to Mother Sky’, a less focused, more freaked-out version of one of their greatest songs. Then there is a plethora of new and never-heard-before tracks: the hissing stammer of ‘Messers, Scissors, Fork and Light’; the staggering rhythm ’n’ spacerock exploration of ‘Midnight Men’; the punishing, fuzzed-up guitar blues of ‘Bubble Rap’, and so many more besides. Not just for completists, this is an essential entry in the Canography.

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