Scissor Sisters surprised to make fourth album

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  • 21 May 2012
Jake Shears

Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears

Jake Shears never thought Scissor Sisters would make it to their fourth album, and they have "surpassed expectations" by recording new record 'Magic Hour'

Jake Shears thought Scissor Sisters would only make three albums.

The 33-year-old singer - who is joined in the band by Ana Matronic, Babydaddy, Del Marquis and Randy Real - admits the New York-based group have "surpassed expectations" by managing to make their fourth record 'Magic Hour'.

He said: "The musical landscape has changed a lot. The charts are full of solo singers, but that's an economic thing. Solo acts are cheaper to run than groups.

"Of the bands that emerged alongside us, only Keane and The Killers are still going strong. Like us, they're both on their fourth or fifth albums. I thought we might end up making three and then calling it a day. But we're still here, so we've surpassed expectations."

Despite many people thinking of the act as "camp", Jake claims he does not like the phrase because it has "novelty connotations".

He said: "I met the author Gore Vidal earlier this year. At one point, he turned to me and said, 'Camp is just another word for somebody with no talent.' That's so true!

"It's a word with novelty connotations. I resent it, as I'm not a camp person. I'm straightforward. On stage, we adopt a showy personality but to call us camp is dismissive."

Scissor Sisters

The filthy gorgeous Scissor Sisters are back with their third studio album Night Work. The band was formed in 2001 and consists of vocalists Jake Shears and Ana Matronic, multi-instrumentalist Babydaddy, lead guitar/bassist Del Marquis, and drummer Randy Real. Their music contains a diverse mixture of disco, glam rock and…

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