Coronation Street's Kirsty to walk out on fiance Tyrone

'Coronation Street's Kirsty Soames' violent abuse of fiance, Tyrone Dobbs, will culminate with her leaving him, according to actress Natalie Gumede

Natalie Gumede

Natalie Gumede

'Coronation Street's Kirsty Soames' violent abuse of fiance, Tyrone Dobbs, will end with her leaving him.

The ITV soap's upcoming storyline sees Kirsty lash out at dopey mechanic Tyrone once again, prompting the feisty character to move out in order to protect him.

Actress Natalie Gumede, told Inside Soap: "Kirsty sees red - and when Tyrone sticks up for himself, she snaps and lashes out again.

"Tyrone cries out in pain and that's when she suddenly sees things clearly and lets him go. He runs out of the house, and the next day Kirsty decides to leave. She hates herself for hitting Tyrone and knows it's for the best."

The showdown takes place after Tyrone throws a surprise birthday party for Kirsty who feels "shock and dismay" at the sight of two unwelcome guests - her estranged parents. But the character's troubled relationship with her father prompts a surprising reaction.

Natalie explains: "She's suffered an extremely abusive relationship with her dad. Her behaviour towards Tyrone is a lot like her father's, going through the cycle of apologising and then doing it again. Seeing him again is a proper heart-in-mouth moment."

'Coronation Street' bosses are keeping quiet on whether the couple's relationship will survive the physical abuse.


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