Children's Classical Concerts

Children's Classical Concerts</h3>


Whether it’s the latest picture book by Julia Donaldson or a juicy storyline in EastEnders, we all love a good yarn. Young or old, a well-told narrative always hits the spot, but there are as many ways of delivering a story as there are tales to tell.

Storytelling in all its diversity comes under the spotlight in the latest offering from Children’s Classic Concerts. Aimed at 4?"14-year-olds, the show features several popular scores, all of which tell a story in a different way. Bernstein’s West Side Story, Stravinsky’s Firebird and Dukas’ The Sorcerer’s Apprentice all make an appearance. But the highlight of the ‘Fantasy and Fables’ programme has to be The Three Little Pigs.

With music by Paul Patterson, one of Britain’s most performed classical composers, and words by the legendary Roald Dahl this will be the first time the piece is performed in Scotland. Stepping up to the mic, breathing life into the wolf and fear into the wee pigs is Scottish actor, Mark Cox. Best known for his roles in Still Game and Chewin The Fat, Cox is looking forward to delivering Dahl’s words backed by a 56-piece orchestra.

‘I enjoyed Roald Dahl as a child, he had a fantastic imagination,’ says Cox. ‘He’s put a slight twist on the tale and some of the language has been modernised. But the kids will all know it, so there’ll be some audience participation ?" and that wolf’s going to be great fun to play.’

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