Dry the River - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, Sun 22 Apr (2 stars)

Dry the River - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, Sun 22 Apr

Unbalanced mix of noisy rock and gospel from the London five-piece

It’s hard to pigeonhole this band. Not only do the hairy, tattooed Londoners hammer their instruments into a mesh of roaring noise that causes each instrument to become almost unidentifiable from the next, they also sing like choir boys.

Dry the River are an eclectic mix of rock and gospel, which critics (wrongly) compare to Mumford and Sons (et al), who have a more definitive and careful sound. These guys seem to dance along the outskirts of many genres, which on occasion can work – song ‘New Ceremony’ being a prime example – but on others can drown out the beautiful vocals.

On track ‘Weights and Measures’ each singer started without a microphone, causing their haunting vocals to emanate out to through the crowd. This worked perfectly in the small, almost church-like room – you could quite literally hear a pin (or plastic tumbler) drop.

Despite a sell-out gig, however, the band seem to be missing something, as songs like ‘No Rest’ and ‘Chambers and Valves’ were completely overpowered by drums and guitar. The violinist also played well but was all but silent amongst the rest.

Whether this is the musical method they will stick with or not is unknown, but if so, this will remain a very niche band in an unspecific genre - and you can’t help feeling that’s the way they would prefer to stay.

Dry the River - No Rest

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