X Factor row over staged scenes

  • List.co.uk
  • 16 August 2007

Producers of the ITV show X Factor have denied claims that they have staged selected scenes of the programme, although they have admitted that sometimes a scene has to be recreated if the cameras missed them first time. ITV’s director of entertainment Paul Jackson said: “We tell stories, we don’t tell lies.” Simon Cowell, show creator and judge on the show’s panel denied the show is “make-believe” and said: “The one thing I can tell you about the show is this – what you see is what happens. We don’t censor. We don’t sanitise.” Cowell added that we are living in an age of paranoia at the moment, suggesting: “If things carry on the way they are, the next time you show Jaws there’s going to be Steven Speilberg at the top of the show saying, ‘by the way the shark is made of rubber’.” The latest series of the X Factor kicks off on Saturday with new anchor Dermot O’Leary and judge Dannii Minougue, alongside the usual suspects Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh.

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