Michelle Keegan treated by paramedics after Corrie fight scenes

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  • 9 May 2012
Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan had to be treated by paramedics after filming tonight's (09.05.12) 'Coronation Street' fight scenes

'Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan had to be treated by paramedics after filming tonight's (09.05.12) fight scenes.

The brunette's character Tina McIntyre will be left fighting for her life after being attacked by Terry Dcukworth's loan sharks and plucky Michelle was so concerned the scenes wouldn't look real that she insisted on doing all her own stunts, leading to a suspected concussion.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "I wanted it to look as convincing as possible so I really went for it. They had a stunt guy and a paramedic on set and the paramedic checked my head, then checked my neck and told me to sit down and give it a few minutes."

Although she ended up covered in bruises from the scenes, Michelle enjoyed the physical aspect of filming.

She said: "I ended up with bruises on my upper arms and huge bruises on my thighs.

"Tina has never had a fight although I've always wanted her to because she's that sort of character. I've never done a stunt before either so it was quite exciting."

However, Michelle insists her on-screen attacker Greg Wood, who plays thug Rick, couldn't have been sweeter in real life, even though he accidently ripped out her earring and hurt her ear.

She explained: "It wasn't that they were too rough but we had to do the scenes again and again and I bruise like a peach.

"The guy who held me, Greg Wood, who plays Rick, is lovely but he grabbed me really hard and accidently ripped my earring out. We were filming at the time so I had to carry on and my ear was throbbing."

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