Lauren Goodger 'not ready' for abuse

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  • 5 May 2012
Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger was not ready for the abuse she would receive when she initially signed up to star in 'The Only Way is Essex'

Lauren Goodger wasn't prepared for the barrage of abuse she would receive since starring in 'The Only Way Is Essex'.

The beauty salon owner shot to fame at the end of 2010 after appearing in the ITV2 reality show and while she is grateful for the opportunities it has given her, she also admits it's hard when people give her a hard time about her looks and fluctuating weight.

She said: "Nothing can prepare you. I criticise myself enough anyway, then suddenly there's all these people who've never met me, looking at a bad picture, calling me names, and there's nothing you can do about it. You only need an unflattering angle and you can look two sizes bigger. There are times when I want to send a message saying, 'I don't look like that really.' "

Lauren, 25, says she feels like she needs to lose weight now she's famous as being a 'normal' size is not acceptable.

Lauren - who claims to be a size 10/12 - told Grazia magazine: "In real life, people meet me and say, 'Oh you're actually quite small, I thought you were really big.' And I'm like, 'Thanks, I think.' A lot of people tell me they thought I was a size 16.

"But the reality is that the industry I'm in means that normal doesn't cut it, so I have to be smaller. I have to diet to be smaller."

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