Noel Gallagher makes BAFTA worthy video with Mischa Barton

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  • 4 May 2012
Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher is delighted with the music video he filmed with Mischa Barton and thinks it's so good it should win a "BAFTA"

Noel Gallagher believes the music video he filmed with Mischa Barton is "worthy of at least one BAFTA".

The ex-Oasis guitarist filmed the promo with the actress in Los Angeles at the end of last month and he believes it is one of the best videos he has made during his career.

Writing on his Tales From The Middle of Nowhere blog, he revealed: "I had a shoot for my new single. That'll be the 5th off this album which is unprecedented in all my time making records. This album is fast becoming my 'Thriller'!!

"I played the part of a slightly hungover grumpy northern taxi driver which is just as well as that's exactly what I felt like. I feel it's some of my best work and most definitely worthy of at least one Bafta. That actress Mischa Barton was in it too. Nice girl. (Manchester) City fan would you believe!?!? (sic)"

Noel made the video with Mischa the day after he performed at the second weekend of the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California and he admits he partied hard after his show which left him suffering on set.

He added: "By the time we got there it was 114 degrees! ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN DEGREES!!!!!!! Holy f***ing s**t balls?

"The gig went pretty much the same as the previous weekend. The night itself followed pretty much the same pattern. Not as chaotic but right up there all the same.

"The next day I had a video shoot for my new single. Drove back to LA the next day not feeling great. Spent the day discussing what we could remember about the night before which in my case was virtually nothing. Good job Nancy had her s**t together or it could well have been consigned to the dustbin."

Mischa, 26, spent most of the shoot running around in leopard-print underwear but the former 'O.C.' star didn't mind because she was so thrilled to be working with the 'Dream On' singer and his band the High Flying Birds.

She tweeted at the time: "Doing Noel Gallagher's video. Was so excited I barely slept and he didn't disappoint!"

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