Too young to be talented?

  • 15 August 2007

Tough-guy Simon Cowell is in trouble again for his ruthless behaviour; however this time it is a six year old girl who is on the receiving end. Connie Talbot, who impressed Cowell on TV talent show “Britain’s Got Talent” earlier this year has been declined a record deal with Cowell’s label Sony BMG. During the programme Cowell was reported to say that the child talent star could “easily make a million quid-plus this year”, vowing to deliver Talbot a recording contract. Sony BMG has defended Cowell’s decision to decline the young star, claiming she is too young. In a statement Sony BMG said: “There was some deliberation over the possibility of recording with Connie. However the decision no to proceed was made with the best of intentions for Connie, taking into consideration her age and that it would not be right to do so at this time.”

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