Bianca Jackson's money wrangles

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  • 27 April 2012
Patsy Palmer

Patsy Palmer

Patsy Palmer's 'EastEnders' exit comes after her character Bianca Jackson gets fired from her job at the café and endures another round of money wrangles with Janine Butcher

Bianca Jackson's 'EastEnders' exit comes after another round of money wrangles with Janine Butcher.

The struggling mum of four is desperate for cash to settle her debts after she gets fired from her job at the café by Ian Beale, but asking Janine for help doesn't provide the solution.

Patsy Palmer, who plays Bianca, told 'This Morning': "I think she just tries really hard and I think they made it clear that she can't claim benefits because in the job she's got, Janine - her boss- won't give her a real, proper agreement.

"Janine is so horrible to her. I think Bianca finds it hard to be spoken to the way she speaks to her. It really did take a lot for her to ask Janine for money but then you can see it from Janine's point of view, because why should she keep giving her cash."

In the special episode, which airs tonight (27.04.12), Bianca steals a market trader's money belt in a moment of madness, only to be caught almost immediately.

Patsy added: "I think she's just tried every avenue really and she's really mouthy, so she does get herself in trouble, Ian's always sacking her, she's proud, and that's the problem."

Bianca will now be sent back to jail for breaking her probation. The character is being written out for six months to give Patsy time at home with her young family.

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