Danny O'Donoghue: Voice contestants are better than me

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  • 27 April 2012
Danny O'Donoghue

Danny O'Donoghue

'The Voice' coach Danny O'Donoghue has admitted he worried about mentoring contestants on the show because some of them are better singers than he is

Danny O'Donoghue sometimes feels like a fraud on 'The Voice' because some of the contestants are better singers than he is.

The Script frontman acts as a coach alongside Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J and will.i.am on the BBC One show and although he loves mentoring the contestants, he thinks some of them are more talented than he is.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "I promise that on some occasions, someone would open his or her mouth and I'd be thinking, 'You're better than me. How on earth am I going to be able to give you pointers?'

"But the mentoring process isn't about teaching them to sing, it's about bringing out the best version of themselves."

Danny also believes he is a good coach for 'The Voice' because he has gone through so much rejection in his career.

Before finding fame with 'The Script', he was a member of unsuccessful Irish boy band Mytown and says he knows how it feels to be a struggling musician like the contestants on the programme.

Danny explained: "At the time I thought Mytown was the most R'n'B, hip hop, happening band ever. But we didn't succeed in the way we'd hoped.

"It was great experience though. I've tasted failure and come out on the other side. I got a second chance. It's set me up well to help the members of Team Danny on 'The Voice'. I've been that person on stage. I've known what it's like to have no chair turn round for me."

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