Holy Mountain - Earth Measures (4 stars)

Holy Mountain - Earth Measures

A cacophonous, riff-driven release imbued with savage axe-mastery and vintage spirit

(Chemikal Underground)

What we are basically dealing with here is a delirious, hirsute rawk mob – a cacophonous, riff-driven Glasgow trio who’re as heavy as Led and thrice as cool. Notorious for combustible live shows (they once blared out the back of a van, with a cigarette lighter-powered amp), Holy Mountain sought to capture that same fervour, spontaneity and psychedelic chaos in their debut release. And lo, Earth Measures was made in 17 hours.

While their savage axe-mastery and vintage spirit dredges up an American terrain – the searing rock’n’roll of MC5, the incendiary noise of Lightning Bolt – they locate themselves firmly in Scotland with droll titles like ‘Bolting Bastard’ and forthcoming single ‘Swifty Fuckwit’. Turn it up to 11.

Holy Mountain: 'Earth Measures' Trailer

Holy Mountain

Delightful stoner rockers in the wifebeater vests.

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