The Magnetic Fields' Quick is Single of the Month

The Magnetic Fields' Quick is Single of the Month

Also featuring Beth Jeans Houghton and The Hooves Of Destiny and The Cornshed Sisters

What’s the consensus on imitation to the point that it rivals, perhaps even betters the source? Well, Glasgow’s Marvel Heights almost achieve such an accolade, kicking off this month’s singles run-down with their straight-outta-Paramore, angsty rock gem, ‘Make No Waves’ (●●● Kittiwake).

Fellow city-dwellers, Mummy Short Arms, meanwhile, return with another tattered piece of guitar pop with ‘Silicone Dream’ (●●● Flowers in the Dustbin), while tech-savvy Londoner Seye melds vibrant Afrobeat with guilty-pleasure floor filler on ‘White Noise’ (●●●, Stranger).

North-eastern quartet The Cornshed Sisters pull a heart-melter out of the bag with ‘Dresden’ (●●●●, Memphis Industries), complete with oddly catchy chorus (‘If bombs were love, then you could call me Dresden’). In comparison, Grand Rapids’ ‘It Feels Like a Lifetime’ (●●●, Too Pure) is heinously scrappy and a total comedown, but give it time and it’ll grow on you like a garage-rock abscess.

What’s summer without a top-down, feel-good hip-hop stormer? It’s no ‘Juicy’ but Chiddy Bang and Icona Pop give it a good shot on ‘Mind Your Manners’ (●●●, EMI) with its good vibe guitars and childlike chorus, but Beth Jeans Houghton and The Hooves Of Destiny cast an eccentric shadow over it with the scatterbrained, and infinitely sunny, ‘Atlas’ (●●●●, Mute).

DeRosa man Martin John Henry turns in a solid chunk of Scottish electro-pop with ‘Span’ (●●●, Gargleblast) but Single of the Month goes to the exceptional ‘Quick’ by The Magnetic Fields (●●●●, Domino), a nugget of playful pop that recalls They Might Be Giants. A repeater for sure.

Marvel Heights - Make No Waves EP

MUMMY SHORT ARMS - Silicone Dream (single)

Seye - White Noise

The Cornshed Sisters - Dresden

Grand Rapids - It Feels Like a Lifetime

Chiddy Bang - "Mind Your Manners" (feat. Icona Pop)

Atlas (Official Video) - Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny

Martin John Henry - Span (HQ)

The Magnetic Fields - Quick!

Beth Jeans Houghton

Precocious, oddball Britfolk chanteuse who alleges she was born in Transylvania to a pack of wolves.

Malcolm Middleton's Human Don't Be Angry and Miaoux Miaoux

Middleton plays the gentle instrumental guitar work of his Human Don't Be Angry incarnation as well as older solo material. Part of the Spree.

The Magnetic Fields, Tender Trap

Indie-pop by the New York-based band.

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