Lorna Macintyre: Midnight Scenes & Other Works (3 stars)

Lorna Macintyre: Midnight Scenes & Other Works

Intriguing and apparently unrelated pieces across various media

An exhibition which speaks most eloquently only when its creator’s intentions have been read and understood, Midnight Scenes & Other Works at first appears to be a series of intriguing but unrelated pieces across various media. There’s a video work, ‘Everything merges with the night’, which appears to be a cycling meditation on shades of blue and black but is actually a series of stills of the Glasgow night sky. There are abstract prints made using cyanotypes, a sunlight-based photographic process, and another – tantalisingly entitled ‘Nothing remains but change’ – which uses the same process and a transposed double print of an elaborate stone doorway, actually a photograph taken in the nearby former Dreghorn Mansion.

The blue cast over everything does lend the sense of history’s heat haze, as if these pieces have deliberately been aged, the hanging steel cylinders of ‘Midnight Scenes’ intentionally corroded. That the artist’s purpose isn’t immediately apparent is a shame, for the reference of the diptych ‘Apollo’ and ‘Artemis’ – two three-part installations each featuring a wooden sculpture and a painted mirror separated by a wall of rope – to this gallery’s past life as a hotel conjures the resonant sense that we’re tantalisingly close and forever estranged from the history of the space we inhabit.

Mary Mary, Glasgow, until Sat 2 Jun

Lorna Macintyre: Midnight Scenes & Other Works

New sculptural works, photographs and cyanotypes from the Glasgow artist. Part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.

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