Teresa Margolles (4 stars)

Teresa Margolles

Photographic archive of the now decaying Mexican border town

Life’s a riot in Teresa Margolles’ work for Glasgow Sculpture Studios’ new space in Glasgow’s old whisky bond building, which sources a photographic archive of the now decaying Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez alongside a new piece mined from frontline Croydon during the 2011 London riots.

In the small Project Gallery, three projectors quick-fire off more than 6000 images by Luis Alvarado that charts a historical landscape from the 1960s to the 1980s peopled by heroic masked wrestlers, politicians, wedding parties and street corner night owls, all captured in the throes of a thousand social rituals.

In the main room, the phrase ‘A DIAMOND FOR THE CROWN’ is carved across the back wall like an epitaph. On another wall in a glass box sits the tiniest and loveliest of diamonds sourced from burnt wood and carbon from the riots and painstakingly buffed into beautiful life by Margolles. That something so sparklingly serene was born of a disenfranchised energy feels how a revolution is meant to turn out.

Glasgow Sculpture Studios, until Tue 12 Jun

Teresa Margolles

  • 4 stars

Work drawing on an archive the artist found in Mexico, consisting of more than 4000 photographs of the street life of Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican city with the highest murder rate in the world. She also happened to visit Glasgow while the London riots were going on, and travelled to London to document the aftermath. Part of…

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