Richard Wright: Works on Paper (3 stars)

Richard Wright: Works on Paper

Small and delicate lesser-known works are enigmatic and unassuming

Buried in the back corner of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Richard Wright exhibits some of his lesser-known works on paper. They are unassuming, enigmatic and predominantly abstract as with most of Wright’s work. However, in contrast to his more usual large-scale wall based works, these are small, delicate and fragile. The incessant pattern making of Wright without great regard to anything else, and the arabesque, gothic and psychedelic motifs in the works gives a feeling of unfocused doodling. But this belies their true labour intensive processes. This odd juxtaposition between painstaking application and purposelessness of image is truly bewildering. In the rare works that are not entirely abstract, Wright depicts strangely alien, minimal, illusionistic scenarios, which are equally impenetrable.

The determined fragility and concise obscurity of these works is somehow ingratiating. The work has a knowing acceptance of its histories, choosing an ameliorative process, which is entirely at odds with the confrontational methods so often employed in contemporary arts.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow, until Sat 23 Jun

Richard Wright

  • 3 stars

Works on paper from the Turner Prize-winning artist. Part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.

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