Wolfgang Tillmans (4 stars)

Wolfgang Tillmans

Paper Drop

Visually stunning and technically excellent mix of photographic works

Wolfgang Tillmans’ new installation at the Common Guild is composed of an eclectic mix of photographic works, both visually stunning and technically excellent, with a disconcerting disregard for continuity of imagery. This diverse collection includes abstract images such as ‘Silver 57’, a towering, almost blank, mirror-like surface created entirely through analogue manipulation. Or ‘Paper drop’, a beautifully focused composition on the edge of a piece of photographic paper arranged to create a tear shape and filled with prismatic colour. There are also figurative works such as ‘Dan’, an awkwardly composed top down shot of a man balanced on one concealed leg while touching the wall with the other, revealing wonderful mix of strength and vulnerability. The stairwell holds a series of closed up large scale studies of car headlights, which seem to revel in the unique yet everyday nature of their design.

Tillmans apparent lack of consideration for the correlation of imagery is intriguing, and certainly seems his signature. It is as though the materiality and temporality of subjects and prints in themselves are enough, and through it Tillmans shows us a real, astonishingly visceral beauty.

Common Guild, Glasgow, until Sat 23 Jun

Wolfgang Tillmans: A New Installation

  • 4 stars

The first photographer to win the Turner Prize has his first solo exhibition in Scotland since 1995.

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