Exposure: Friends

Exposure: Friends

The Brooklyn hipster quintet make disgustingly cool indie post-punk-funk

The List makes two predictions with regards to this fresh Brooklyn indie post-punk-funk ensemble. 1) They’re going to be the sound of many people’s summer, and 2) they’re going to have music journos punning furiously on their sitcom namesake.

They’re asking for it calling themselves Friends, non?
True, though in fairness they’re not named after the TV show but rather the debut album by 80s British goth-rock band The Bolshoi. We don’t hear much goth influence in their spare, groovesome stuff – debut singles ‘I’m His Girl’ and ‘Friend Crush’ recall Tom Tom Club, ESG and, broadly speaking, the sound of early 80s New York, when post-punk, disco and hip hop all collided so spectacularly, while the B-side of the former tune is a cover of 90s summertime R&B bounce ‘My Boo’ by Ghost Town DJ’s.

Photogenic bunch, aren’t they?
Vocalists Samantha Urbani and Lesley Hann cut a striking presence at the front of a five-piece who do approximately nothing to dispel the notion that Brooklyn is a borough populated entirely by stick-thin über-hipsters. Well, apart from the guy who looks a bit like Ron Jeremy, anyway.

NME and the BBC among others have tipped these guys for greatness in 2012 – are they really all that?
Observers inclined to point out that we’ve seen several groups of Friends’ general ilk emerge in recent years to questionable substantive avail – New Young Pony Club, CSS, The Phenomenal Handclap Band etc – may not be impressed. But if disgustingly cool music by disgustingly cool people is your bag, they’ll be there for you.

Couldn’t help yourself with the punning thing could you?

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Mon 7 May.

Friends - Friend Crush

Friends - I'm His Girl

Friends and Alunageorge

Indie pop and dance punk from Brooklyn.

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