Andrew WK - The Garage, Glasgow, Sat 14 Apr (3 stars)

Andrew WK - The Garage, Glasgow, Sat 14 Apr

The long-haired party-metaller plays debut album I Get Wet in full

Andrew WK is what he is: partier, lover of dirty jeans, motivational speaker. Whatever you thought of him when he arrived on the scene with tongue firmly in cheek on the back of debut album I Get Wet is irrelevant. As a live prospect, Andrew WK and band are a crash course in how to have fun and the sold-out crowd at the Garage know this all too well. Playing his trademark album in full, it’s about four minutes in before he’s floor-to-ceiling head-banging and showing us how to ‘Party Hard’.

Dropping the biggest song of your career inside the first ten minutes is either a sign of the strength of your catalogue or a demonstration of the size of your balls. Tonight it’s almost certainly the latter, but that is unquestionably why everyone in here loves him. Every second is dedicated to whipping the crowd into shape and punching a smile onto every single face. From a rampant salute to the ladies (‘She is Beautiful’) to his preaching-to-the-choir odes to partying till you puke, the skin-tight set goes down a storm.

Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet

Andrew W.K. - Party Hard

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