Shepherd: Michael Moon is a sinister character

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  • 25 April 2012
Steve John Shepherd

Steve John Shepherd

Steve John Shepherd wouldn't wish his 'EastEnders' character Michael Moon on his worst enemy and admitted he thinks the baddie could have mental issues

Steve John Shepherd wouldn't wish his 'EastEnders' character on his worst enemy.

Walford baddie Michael Moon will try to persuade gullible Jean Slater (Gillian Wright ) to steal the takings from the Queen Vic pub in order to fund his lavish lifestyle and Steve admitted his character is a "sinister" man.

He told Inside Soap magazine: "I wouldn't wish Michael on my worst enemy. He's pulled Jean into his sinister little web this time. He's embezzling money from her because he can't get it from anywhere else - and Jean just falls into his lap. Michael's seen things going on at the Vic and he knows that she's in charge of the books. He gives her a £500 return on her recent investment - but that's just the bail to reel her in."

Steve admitted he thinks his character could even have mental issues because he often believes his own lies.

He added: "He enjoys all the risk. The odd thing about him is that he can believe one thing and yet believe something else within the same thought. It's almost sectionable.

"He likes when things go to the very edge - he finds it thrilling. After Jean agrees to take the money, more misgivings do surface from the recesses of his psyche - but then he pushes them back down again."

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