Super Furry Animals (4 stars)

Hey Venus!

(Rough Trade)


After a handful of side-projects and solo records, Super Furry Animals return to what they do best – making dreamy indie pop together. Hey Venus finds the band on phenomenal form and substantially bigger-sounding than ever before with sumptuous string arrangements, sun-drenched harmonies, horns, woozy solos, pounding pianos and scratchy guitars. They’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink into the instrumentation of this record yet not at the expense of the killer melodies, soaring choruses and brilliantly bizarre lyrics which have become their trademark. We were promised a ‘speaker-blowing’ work and the wacky Welsh quintet have definitely delivered. Fans will rejoice, and rightly so …

Super Furry Animals

Welsh surrealists are back after six years, with their skewed take on Beach Boys melodies, late 60s psychedelia and anything else they fancy throwing into the pot.

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