Will.i.am has "no idea" why Tyler James auditioned for The Voice

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  • 24 April 2012


Will.i.am says he has"no idea" why Tyler James auditioned for 'The Voice' because the 30-year-old singer has previously released albums

Will.i.am has "no idea" why Tyler James auditioned for 'The Voice'.

Although the Black Eyed Peas star chose the 30-year-old singer for his team on the BBC One - which aims to find a music star based only on their singing ability - will.i.am admitted he is confused about why professional singer Tyler ever tried out.

He told the Radio Times magazine: "Tyler is an artist, a true star. And I don't even know why he is in the competition because he has albums out and I'm a fan of them. He's great. And hats off to joining the competition when you have a career already."

Along with Tyler, will.i.am has also been impressed with singing teacher Jaz Ellington and has tipped him for "legendary" status.

He said: "Jaz is just an angel, he's a true gift. He's on his way to legendary status because he has a legendary voice. We saw a star in the making in his first performance."

Joelle Moses, Frances Wood and 17-year-old Sophie Green make up the remained of will.i.am's team and he has tipped youngster Sophie for future success.

He said: "Sophie, woah, watch out for Sophie. 17 and such a powerhouse. She is amazing, she could do anything."


Black Eyed Pea-er and judge on The Voice bring his poppy hip hop on a mini tour.

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