The Leg - An Eagle to Saturn (2 stars)

The Leg - An Eagle to Saturn

Absurdist punk more confusing than worthwhile?

(Song, By Toad)

Terrifyingly obscure and possibly dangerous are pretty much the only ways to describe this offering from Edinburgh's The Leg. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted or easily offended as tracks cover some pretty dark ideas. Shouted lyrics sound eerily similar to an out-of-it Ozzy Osbourne but with an extra dash of unhinged chucked in for good luck.

‘Sad as a Dead Monkey’ may be a contender for most confusing and most depressing song made this year? Although that could well be given a run for its money by any other song on the album. Difficult to tell if it’s worth a listen or not.

Paul Vickers And The Leg - Mary King's Close, Edinburgh (vid by The Bird And The Monkey)

The Leg

Local masked indie terrors The Leg.

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