Kula Shaker (3 stars)

Kula Shaker


(Essential Music)


Kula Shaker, and in particular lead fop Crispian Mills, come in for a lot of stick. They were pretentious, they were overblown but they also had some great tunes. The media glare, the rise of lad culture and some unfortunate quotes concerning Hitler from Mills led to them imploding in 1999.

But this, their first album since regrouping ain’t too bad. It’s straight back to business as guitars swirl, 70s grooves run free and cod-mysticism abounds in a fragrant broth of psychedelic rock. Sometimes they almost sound like a parody of the influences that inspired them (from Hendrix to the Dali Lama), but they just about rein it in and save themselves from complete embarrassment.

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