Aerial for Kids provides high-flying excitement for youngsters

Aerial for Kids provides high-flying excitement for youngsters

Sessions led by aerial company All or Nothing on a weekly basis

Two teenage girls are hanging from a bar, their legs twisted around a rope, heads upside down. This may not sound like the most comfortable of positions, but the smile on their faces suggest they’re having a ball – and they are. As is the young boy who then shimmies up a ‘silk’ (a long sheet hanging from the ceiling) and looks triumphantly down at the watching parents.

It’s end of term at All of Nothing aerial company, and mums and dads are beaming proudly at the heights their young progeny are willing to scale, and the twists and turns they perform without a care in the world for gravity’s pull.

Founded by dancer Jennifer Paterson, All or Nothing is dedicated to showing just how fun, and beneficial, aerial work can be. ‘It’s a very good way of keeping active, while at the same time being a creative art form,’ says Paterson. ‘Aerial develops co-ordination, strength, flexibility and a confidence in yourself as well as others. You have to trust yourself to hold on up high and turn upside down in several different ways, and also trust other people in the group when you’re working together. But above all, it’s fun.’

Running two different classes tailored for primary and secondary school aged children, Paterson and her team have an endlessly encouraging and supportive style. No special skills are required, and pretty much anyone can give it a go.

‘All you need is a good attitude,’ says Paterson. ‘We ask that you’re fit and healthy, but the strength and fitness also comes with taking part. The classes are small, and you get a lot of one-to-one tutor time. We also adapt what is being taught so people achieve something according to their own skill level.’

Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Edinburgh, Thursdays.

All or Nothing Aerial Dance Class for Children

Get swinging through the air with aerial dance classes that teach cocoons, trapeze, rope and silk skills to agile young things. Led by All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre.

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