Nadine Coyle signs 500k deal for Celebrity Big Brother

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  • 20 April 2012
Nadine Coyle

Nadine Coyle

Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle - who reportedly owes £100,000 in tax on her US bar - has accepted a £500,000 deal to appear in 'Celebrity Big Brother'

A cash-strapped Nadine Coyle has reportedly accepted a £500,000 deal for 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The Girls Aloud singer initially turned down a request to take part in the Channel 5 reality TV show but when show bosses came back with the astronomical offer she quickly accepted in order to clear the reported £100,000 tax bill on her US bar Nadine's Irish Mist.

A source told the Daily Mail newspaper: "This money will allow Nadine to clear all her debts in America and start the Girls Aloud tour with a clean slate. Initially, when she was approached by the station to take part, she turned it down flat.

"But when she met TV executives in London last week and saw how much was on the table she eventually agreed. They simply made her an offer she couldn't refuse."

The money would make Nadine among the highest ever paid celebrities on the show, with Irish twins Jedward receiving £1million for their appearance last year and she is said to be confident she can win over viewers with her personality.

The source added: "Nadine is confident that the public will warm to the real her, which is a warm, funny but confident woman.

"Cheryl [Cole] is not the only member of the band that can command big TV show appearance fees.

Nadine hopes that she will be able to resurrect her image by appearing on 'Celebrity Big Brother'. This will make or break her."

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