Wild at Heart cast blame Titanic for axe

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  • 20 April 2012
Stephen Tompkinson

Stephen Tompkinson

The cast of 'Wild at Heart' reportedly blame the cost of ITV's mini-series 'Titanic' for their show being axed

The cast of 'Wild at Heart' reportedly believe the show has been scrapped because of 'Titanic'.

The wildlife drama - which stars Stephen Tompkinson as a British vet running a game reserve in South Africa - is shot on location at the Glen Africa nature reserve and insiders believe ITV have axed the show after seven series because they are desperate to save money after splashing out on the recent mini-series, which was created by 'Downton Abbey' writer Julian Fellowes.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "The feeling is that they sunk so much money into 'Titanic' that they are having to make savings elsewhere and we are bearing the brunt of that."

And those involved with the show - which also stars Lucy-Jo Hudson, Jill Halfpenny and Olivia Scott-Taylor - are particularly upset because its series average of 7.5 million is more than double the viewing figures of last weekend's final episode of 'Titanic'.

The source added: "We're all gutted that it has come to this. There are shows that would kill for 7.5million viewers."

The programme will end in a two-hour special which will be filmed in September and screened next year.

An ITV spokesperson said it had been a "difficult decision" to end 'Wild at Heart' but hoped the feature-length special would mean the show - which debuted in 2006 - would go out "on a high".

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