Star Wheel Press - Life Cycle of a Falling Bird (4 stars)

Star Wheel Press - Life Cycle of a Falling Bird

A timeless album from the Americana heartbreakers

Bonnie Prince Billy is not the only alt-country bard to have dibs on Glen Lyon. Americana heartbreakers Star Wheel Press are based in Aberfeldy (BPB’s erstwhile stomping ground), and have quietly amassed a dedicated following since their lovely debut, Life Cycle of a Falling Bird, was released a year ago.

Following a limited run of homespun CDs, the album is being re-pressed on vinyl, to find more ears and meet demand: Life Cycle… was Avalanche Records’ biggest-selling album of last year, and shows little sign of letting up.

Lovingly driven by pedal steel, banjo, porch-swing guitar and opiate baritone, and defined by gorgeous, slow-release chamber-folk psalms, Star Wheel Press have crafted a timeless album to fall for again and again.

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