PAWS - Misled Youth (4 stars)

PAWS - Misled Youth

A pacey, frantic and melancholy EP from the Glasgow garage pop-rock trio

(Fat Cat)

Grrr, Paws are good. Be it gigging in weird places (the Glasgow trio have played in bathrooms, skate shops and on top of double decker buses) or the bedroom recordings released on painstakingly put-together, hand-numbered limited edition cassettes, this gorgeously noisy bunch are much more creative with their output than your average new act. And it’s not just their DIY approach that makes them stand out; these latest five tracks of lo-fi squall are pacey, frantic and melancholy in a mini Graham Coxon kind of way, with frontman Phillip Taylor delivering ‘sarcastic self-analysis’ and ‘painful home truths’ over harsh, ragged riffs and pummelled drums. And selfishly (all love is selfish, boys), The List hopes life stays tumultuous for Paws if it produces scorchingly promising music like this.

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