The Just Joans - Buckfast Bottles in the Rain (2 stars)

The Just Joans - Buckfast Bottles in the Rain

Underwhelming concept album from the indie-poppers


Naming themselves after a notoriously annoying tabloid columnist might be mistake number one, but it isn’t the worst of The Just Joans’ crimes. Claiming to have created an ‘audacious artistic undertaking’ of Bowie and Zappa-like proportions is a valiant yet obviously preposterous boast. If your idea of audacious amounts to putting lyrics over the Steptoe & Son theme tune and rewording the chorus of Russ Abbot’s ‘Atmosphere’, then Buckfast Bottles in the Rain may well blow your mind.

But if a ‘concept’ album about the hugely unoriginal idea of growing up frustrated by smalltown life reeks of an inevitable booze-soaked musical, lyrical and emotional let-down, you’ll be spot on. ‘What Do We Do Now?’ asks the final track. It would be cruel to offer the appropriate response.

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