Zulu Winter - Language (3 stars)

Zulu Winter - Language

The indie rockers' debut is disappointingly unadventurous

(Play It Again Sam)

With their unabashed love of Czech new wave cinema, Steve Reich, TS Eliot, Ayn Rand and modern dance troupes The List won’t even pretend to have heard of, we expected something a little more adventurous from Zulu Winter’s debut offering. There’s a Foals-y dark shimmer to standout ‘Small Pieces’, they throw in a bit of Wild Beasts-inspired falsetto on ‘Let’s Move Back To Front’, and ‘We Should Be Swimming’ and ‘You Deserve Better’ both boast an otherworldly beauty and simmer scintillatingly with an underlying brooding tension. But the delivery of these smartly constructed songs is so restrained and the production so polished throughout, that at times Language just sounds a bit lifeless. ‘I keep you with the words, the words I wield’, frontman Will Daunt croons on ‘Words That I Wield’, but he’s wrong; intellect alone is not enough.


Sussex super-trio, whose elegiac ballads and soaring pop songs have resulted in number one success.

Zulu Winter, Exitmusic, We Came from the Sea and Johnny & the Giros

New indie tips from London, blending anthemic pop with tribal sounds (though aren't they all these days?).

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