Second Life to host first online symphonic concert

  • 14 August 2007

The virtual world Second Life has added another string to its bow of real-life pursuits, with plans to stage a full scale symphonic concert on the site. The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic has created a virtual version of its concert hall in which it will perform for 100 online users on September 14. The concert will be led by chief conductor Vasily Petrenko. Some 8 million online residents will be eligible for concert tickets, which will be issued by lottery. The performance will be followed by a live question and answer session in the bar, with the conductor represented by his avatar (a 3D animated character). Chief executive of the orchestra, Michael Elliott, said the virtual technology would help reach a wider audience. “For us, Second Life, which has grown explosively since launching in 2003, allows us to tap into a potential global audience. It’s also a lot of fun and it certainly adds a different dimension to the more traditional visit to a concert hall.”

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