Richard Bacon impressed with hidden talents

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  • 18 April 2012
Richard Bacon

Richard Bacon

Richard Bacon loved discovering people's secret abilities for his new Channel 4 programme 'Hidden Talent'

Richard Bacon loved discovering people's secret abilities for his new show.

The TV presenter is hosting Channel 4's 'Hidden Talent' - which finds people with no prior experience and helps them hone skills such as free diving, language learning and opera singing - and Richard was particularly impressed by a woman who can tell when people is lying.

Speaking about the programme - which is inspired by American Express - he said: "We discovered a woman in her 60s who had retired from her bridal shop and had an amazing instinct to spot when somebody isn't telling the truth. We sent her to train with a CIA agent and tested her where she had to say who in a room full of people was lying. She nailed it."

Along with the super sleuth, Richard also discovered a factory worker who can identify art forgeries.

He explained: "We found a guy, who worked in a factory which produces tractors. He had never been in an art gallery and had no previous knowledge about art. We put a real Monet painting alongside two incredibly forgeries that some of the best art experts in the world couldn't identify. He looked at them and knew straight away."

Hidden Talent, inspired by American Express, is a six part series hosted by Richard Bacon airing on Channel 4 at 9pm from 24th April. To find out more and discover if you have a hidden talent through a series of tests, specially designed by American Express, visit

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