Artist Martin Eden on LGBT comic Spandex

Graphic novelist Martin Eden on LGBT comic Spandex

The plot focuses on a team of gay superheroes who fight crime in Brighton

(Titan Books)

Many a quip has been made about Batman and Robin bunking up, but how often are there actually LGBT themes in comics? With the latest incarnation of Batwoman being an out lesbian, there is certainly more scope for a homosexual hulk, and Martin Eden has created the first British comic following the dramatic adventures of a gang of gay superheroes.

Spandex: Fast and Hard follows Liberty, a glamorous transvestite; a powerful lesbian named Diva; a beautiful French teleporter known as Indigo; Prowler, who can absorb the abilities of gay people; Glitter, with the ability to transform himself into light; and a rock hard pair of twins, Mr Muscle and Butch.

Writer and artist Eden explains, ‘It’s a superhero soap opera focusing on an all-gay superhero team called Spandex based in Brighton, which is the unofficial gay capital of the UK, of course. It’s set in a weird universe where they fight all sorts of enemies, like pink ninjas and 50-foot lesbians – it’s all very tongue-in-cheek.’

Eden, who previously worked on acclaimed indie series The O-Men, admits it can be difficult to find an audience for these kind of heroes in the traditional comic loving market. ‘It’s hard because comics are perceived as being for children, so it’s difficult to address subjects like this. My comic is for adult, mature readers only, so that we can explore relationships and their ramifications properly.

‘This comic has been a labour of love for me. It’s fun and experimental, and I’m really excited about taking the characters and the comic to a much wider audience.’

This book, released on 24 May, contains the first three issues of the comic, with five more to follow later in the year.

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