Shirley Carter sleeps with Derek Branning?

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  • 18 April 2012
Linda Henry

EastEnders actress Linda Henry

'EastEnders' Shirley Carter will think she has slept with Derek Branning after she wakes up hungover in his home unable to remember why she is there

Shirley Carter thinks she has slept with Derek Branning after drunkenly staying at his flat this week.

The 'EastEnders' character - played by Linda Henry - will be seen humiliated after a rejection from Phil Mitchell, leading her to gone a drunken bender and wake up in Derek's flat.

However, things are not what they seem as master-manipulator Derek uses it as an excuse to rile Phil.

Jamie Forman, who plays the villainous character, told Inside Soap: "Things aren't as they seem - they haven't given Derek a woman just yet.

"Derek doesn't sleep with Shirley, he just sees it as the perfect opportunity to wind Phil up. He doesn't care what he does to get a reaction or find a weakness in Phil.

"Derek isn't afraid of reprisals - he's the kind of man who will always live to fight another day."

He even goes as far as buying a pair of knickers from the Albert Square market to 'prove' he slept with her.

Jamie added: "If Derek wants something he invariably gets it, and he really wants a rise out of Phil. He enjoys that frisson."

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