Madonna - MDNA (3 stars)

Album with producers Benny Benassi, Martin Solveig and William Orbit

Madonna - MDNA

(Live Nation)

Kudos to 53-year-old Auntie Madge not for delivering a classic album, but for having the sheer brass she-balls to turn out a record that’s as clubby, sexy and designed for the dancefloor after midnight as any she’s produced. A nod and a wink to naughty substances with the name, and she’s off into Benny Benassi-produced slices of TopShop techno ‘Girl Gone Wild’ and ‘I’m Addicted’, bookending the dirty dubstep dry-hump of ‘Gang Bang’. The breezy pop of ‘Turn Up the Radio’ and perfunctory appearances by Nicki Minaj (‘I Don’t Give A’ sadly isn’t the Peaches song) and MIA aside, the record’s first half is upbeat but predictable. Despite their more mellow nature, it’s only the closing quartet with old accomplice William Orbit which begin to hint at past glories.

Madonna - MDNA


The queen of pop sets off on another huge world tour. Just don't mention the Brits.


The multi-million selling American singer-songwriter, actress, director and entrepreneur performs pop in support of her album MDNA.

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