Lone - Galaxy Garden (4 stars)

Lone - Galaxy Garden

UK producer's fourth album draws on Detroit techno, Chicago house and 90s rave

(R & S)

Impressively, given Matt Cutler is still only a relatively tender aged 27-year-old, ‘Galaxy Garden’ is actually his fourth album recorded as Lone.

However, in something of a musical departure from its hip hop, 80s boogie and rare groove-inspired predecessors, Lemuria and Ecstasy & Friends, the Nottingham producer has opted to up the tempo and draw more heavily from the sounds of Detroit techno, Chicago house and early 90s rave.

Making more use of rhythmic, percussive elements this time round; tracks such as ‘Lying In The Reeds’, ‘Crystal Caverns 1991’ and ‘Raindance’ are nevertheless balanced by soaring melodies on an enjoyable R&S release which again highlights the legendary Ghent-formed label’s resurgence since its 2008 relaunch.

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