Cate Le Bon - Cyrk (4 stars)

Cate Le Bon - Cyrk

Brilliantly textured slice of Welsh psychedelic folk genius

For her latest outing Cate Le Bon takes her pick of the current crop of Wales’ finest musicians, with H. Hawkline providing hypnotically undulating synth goodness, while Y Niwl’s wünderkind Sion Glynn weaves beautifully meandering melodies, at times apparently borrowing the brilliantly evil guitar sound from the Barbarella soundtrack.

The darkly romantic tone of 2010’s magnificent ‘Me Oh My’ is evident on the mesmeric waltz ‘Greta’, but from the opening stomp of ‘Falcon Eyed’ there’s a sure-footed confidence which sets it apart from its more melancholy predecessor. As idiosyncratic as you’d hope, with an appearance from a school recorder and Cate doing her finest Eric Dolphy sax impersonation on the climactic closing cacophony ‘Ploughing Out (Part 2)’, this is a brilliantly textured 35-minute slice of Welsh psychedelic folk genius.


Cate Le Bon "Fold The Cloth" official video

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