Jesus H. Foxx - Endless Knocking (2 stars)

Jesus H. Foxx - Endless Knocking

Long-awaited debut admirable in perfectionism, but feels laboured

(Song, by Toad)

‘I’ve waited two bloody years for these muppets to finish this album,’ writes Song, by Toad boss Matthew Young in an amusingly frank note accompanying Edinburgh seven-piece Jesus H. Foxx’s debut. We’ve shared his frustration in anticipating a record that’s been ‘weeks away from completion’ since August 2009. The band’s perfectionism is admirable, but the final offering perhaps inevitably feels laboured.

A revisit of some early demos from circa their genesis in 2007 reminded us of the qualities early Jesus H. Foxx possessed that Endless Knocking lacks – chiefly punch, individuality and vitality. Pale production, curiously dialled-down lead vocals and a vacillating attitude to style – from the clipped funk guitars of ‘Permanent Defeat’ to ‘Twins’ sleepy indie-folk-isms – are the self-conscious hallmarks of a band who have agonised to near death what should have come naturally.

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