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  • 16 August 2007
Club Noir

If you want decadent glamour, Club Noir is the ultimate burlesque experience. Promoter/performer Tina Warren spills a few secrets

5 words to describe the Club Noir experience?

Step into a parallel universe.

4 things you love about the acts on the bill

There’s a great variety from beautiful and bawdy to outrageous and funny, all in enviable costumes. When you see the quality of our performers you will understand why we are the biggest burlesque club in the world and attract clubbers from all over Britain. Each act has been lovingly created over the past year, they are original and different. All our Club Noir acts and performers are unique to us – we guard them jealously – you won’t see them anywhere else.

3 things you love about Edinburgh during the festival

The crowds, the intensity, the feeling that anything is possible

2 things you hate about Edinburgh in August

Shows that bear no resemblance to their hype. Not having enough time to get round to all the wonderful shows I want to see.

1 thing you would change about the late night festival scene

Better public transport back to Glasgow.

Studio 24, 558 3758, 18 Aug, 9pm–3am, £14.

Club Noir New Year's Eve

The great burlesque club present their vintage, retro and modern soundtrack alongside some trademark tassel twirling, human curiosities, burlesque shows and more. No jeans and trainers, please, although dressing up is positively encouraged. Last ever Club Noir event.

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