The Chromatics - Kill For Love (3 stars)

The Chromatics - Kill For Love

Anticipated second album from Italians Do It Better stable

(Italians Do It Better)

The Chromatics follow up to 2007’s Night Drive has been one of the most anticipated albums of the year and despite countless delays with its release date – it’s been worth the wait, for the most part. Kill For Love does try a little too hard in terms of its 90-minute long magnitude, opening with a curious cover of Neil Young’s ‘Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)’ alongside various prolonged instrumental numbers which dominates the release by the midway.

But filler aside, it’s essentially the ‘hits’ which make this release utterly infectious, with the title track echoing New Order in their prime, or the new romantic melancholy of ‘Back From The Grave’ and the late night vogueing chic of ‘The Lady’. When it hits its stride, ‘Kill For Love’ takes off sprinting – but its premature loss in momentum stalls an otherwise solid pop contender.

Chromatics - "Kill For Love (Vocal Mix)" (audio only)

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