Auntie Flo - Future Rhythm Machine (3 stars)

Auntie Flo - Future Rhythm Machine

Highlife's Brian d’Souza delivers debut album of electronic music

(Huntleys + Palmer)

He coyly describes this as not being a full-length debut album and points to the fact it predates his debut singles ‘Highlife’ and ‘Oh My Days’, but as one of Glasgow’s foremost new electronic producers Auntie Flo (the recorded alias of Brian d’Souza, originator of the city’s Highlife night) doesn’t get off the hook so easily.

This isn’t a perfect collection, but at its best – the deep 80s electro-funk groove of ‘I Haven’t Got Any Body’; the amped-up tribal rave of the excellent, Esa Williams-featuring ‘I Want to Blow Your Mind’; shuffling ambient township rattle ‘Train’ – he declares himself a thrilling new talent who’s bringing influences together like nobody else right now.

Auntie Flo - Future Rhythm Machine Trailer


Expect Afrobeat, jackin' house, global electronica and Latin beats from resident Auntie Flo aka Brian d'Souza.


A night with excellent pedigree, from the people who bring you Slabs of the Tabernacle and Huntleys & Palmers Audio Club. Expect afrobeat, jackin' house, Italo, 80s electro, UK funky, and Latin beats at this monthly Sunday night version.

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