Crate Digging: Harri of Subculture

Crate Digging: Harri of Subculture

The long-term Sub Club resident picks five tracks that have served him best over the years

Sandee ‘Notice Me’ (Fever Records) came out years ago [1988] and it sounded amazing at the time: the production, the sound – hundreds of people have sampled it since. It’s vocal house, but dubbed out and with wee bits of acapella and lots of things to play with as a DJ. It was one of the first records I remember hearing from Clivilles & Cole [seminal New York production duo C+C Music Factory].

Some records are of the moment and years later you don’t know why you liked it, but Clive Griffin ‘I’ll Be Waiting (David Morales Mix)' (Mercury) still stands up. Griffin was a kind of Rick Astley-type pop star, but this sounds amazing. The production really jumps out, the sounds he’s used on it. It’s soulful, it’s techy, it’s dark and it’s anthemic from the opening bars.

Pepe Bradock ‘Deep Burnt’ (Kif Recordings) is an amazing tune among so many amazing tunes he’s done. I don’t think he has anything available digitally, it’s all still vinyl only. It’s … how can I describe it? Unusual. And unique; there’s been nothing like it since.

For a couple of years Murk were amazing, the Miami sound they had was this really unique, dark Latino house groove. Mission Control ‘Outta Limits’ (Deep South Recordings) [co-produced by Murk’s Ralph Falcon] and Pirahnahead feat Diviniti ‘Poem 4 a Lost One (Mr G Brotherly Love Mix)’ (Moods & Grooves) are both great and very dark. I’m giving the impression I just like dark music, but it’s not so much darkness, it’s that kind of sexy drugginess. Good for dancing to underground with the lights down.

Harri is resident at Subculture, weekly Sat, Sub Club, Glasgow. This month’s guests include Matthew Dear and Andrew Weatherall, 28 Apr, and Carl Craig’s 69 Live, 5 May.

Sandee - Notice Me

Clive Griffin - I'll Be Waiting (Dance Mix)

Pépé Bradock - Deep Burnt

MISSION CONTROL - Outta limits

Pirahna Head feat Diviniti 'Poem 4 lost one'


Glasgow's well-established house institution continues to reign supreme, with residents Harri and Domenic and occasional big-name guests.

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