Tulisa insists N-Dubz are still friends

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  • 17 April 2012

Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa Contostavlos has insisted N-Dubz are still "friends" and they will "always" be close to each other

Tulisa Contostavlos has insisted N-Dubz are still "friends".

The 23-year-old singer split with ex-boyfriend and bandmate Fazer earlier this year and publically argued with her cousin Dappy Contostavlos on twitter - but the brunette beauty says the trio will "always" be close and their friendship will "never be broken".

She said: "Me and Fazer will always be friends. It's Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer. No matter what goes on, it'll never be broken."

Tulisa - who was recently left devastated after X-rated footage of her and ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards, aka MC Ultra, was posted on the internet earlier this year - previously took to twitter to blame Dappy for N-Dubz's "split", but she insists the pair are now "on the same level".

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Me and Dappy argued even more when we were together. People should be happy that we're on the same level."

But Fazer recently confirmed he still speaks to Tulisa "every now and again" and he promised N-Dubz will return from their self-imposed hiatus in 2013 to "take on the world".

He said: "She's cool and we are all still mates. We still talk to each other every now and again.

"N-Dubz are definitely still coming back in 2013 for another album and a tour and we're going to absolutely kill it, don't worry about that. We are definitely not finished.

"We are all doing solo albums at the moment but we are staggering them so we don't have to go up against each other. When we come back together next year we are going to bring our three solo fan bases together and take on the world. It will be a triple threat!"

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