Colours Are Brighter - CD review

  • The List
  • 17 October 2006

Colours Are Brighter

Felix Bradley Barley is four and a half. He listened to each track on Colours Are Brighter, an album of new kids’ songs released in aid of Save the Children, and gave us this report.


1. Four Tet feat. Princess Watermelon ‘Go Go Ninja Dinosaur’
‘My friend Douglas is a dinosaur expert. He’d love this! I like the voices.’ 5 stars

2. Rasputina ‘A Skeleton Bang’
‘This would be good for Halloween. It makes me want to dance.’ 5 stars

3. Franz Ferdinand ‘Jackie Jackson’
‘This makes me laugh and it makes me want a cake!’ 5 stars

4. Snow Patrol ‘I am an Astronaut’
‘It sounds like footsteps. I really like the music and it makes me think of being on the moon. I love it!’ 5 stars

5. The Divine Comedy ‘Three Cheers for Pooh’
‘YES! I know this one! I remember the book and our CD of this!’ 5 stars

6. The Kooks ‘The King & I’
‘I like the sudden brrrrrps and beeps on this one.’ 5 stars

7. Half Man Half Biscuit ‘David Wainwright’s Feet’
‘This makes me think of soldiers. It’s OK but it’s not 5 stars.’ 4 stars

8. The Barcelona Pavilion ‘Tidy Up Tidy Up’
'It should be a one star, shouldn’t it. It’s boring! And it’s about tidying up. But I’ll give it two because I like the bit at the end.’ 2 stars

9. Jonathan Richman ‘Our Dog is Getting Older Now’
‘This one makes me feel a bit sad, cos it’s in a sad voice and it has sad instruments.’ 4 stars

10. Belle and Sebastian ‘The Monkeys are Breaking Out the Zoo’
‘This is a silly one! (laughing and listening intently to the words) It makes me think of monkeys! (sings along to chorus). Can we hear it again?’ 5 stars

11. Kathryn Williams ‘Night Baking’
‘It’s a girl singing. She sounds nice. She’s got a funny voice - it seems like two ladies (in fact it’s two female vocals singing in harmony). But it makes me want to bake at night.’ 5 stars

Favourite track ‘The escaping monkeys is my favourite!’