EastEnders' Perry happy to be hapless

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  • 13 April 2012
Perry Fenwick

Perry Fenwick

'EastEnders' star Perry Fenwick doesn't want his alter-ego Billy Mitchell to become a "tough guy", and he still doesn't feel like a proper member of the Mitchell clan despite starring in the role for 14 years

'EastEnders' star Perry Fenwick doesn't want his alter-ego to become a "tough guy".

The 49-year-old actor - who has portrayed Billy Mitchell in the BBC One soap for 14 years - still doesn't feel like a "proper" member of the no-nonsense Mitchell family, but he is happy for his character to continue being a hapless PA.

Perry said: "I still don't feel like a proper Mitchell because they don't treat me like one. I've always been the black sheep, the runt of the litter. But long may it continue because I wouldn't want to be a tough guy.

"In the early days he was a kind of vicious, nasty alcoholic but he didn't have a redeeming feature whatsoever, and he's kind of gone the opposite end of the spectrum now. But the writers can always go back on that so it allows me to, every now and again, get up to mischief.

"He's always trying to do the decent thing but he's so thick he always gets it wrong all the time."

Billy is due to carry the Olympic torch on 'EastEnders' during a live episode of the show on July 23, and Perry has been frantically checking all the bumps and divots in Albert Square because he is so worried about falling over on live TV.

Speaking on ITV1's 'This Morning', he added: "The live episode puts a few million on the viewing figures because people want to see if you mess up. But I've been running around the Square looking for every divot and every pothole, so I've been doing my preparations."

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